From beautiful landscapes to a rich history and bustling markets, discover everything Israel has to offer.

A land of plenty

Destination Guide

International students studying in Israel will find an extraordinary multicultural community, where everyone is welcome and there’s a wealth of things to do…

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Jerusalem is Real

Destination Guide

Jerusalem is culture, innovation, food. It’s eclectic, unique and inspiring. Watch the Jerusalem is Real video…

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The future of agriculture

How can we fight malnutrition and other food and agriculture issues without damaging the planet? Researchers at the Hebrew University might have the answer…

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A new school for new challenges

Wide-scale observation, inter-field collaboration and outside-the-box thinking: these are the skills we’ll need to mitigate the effects of climate change and translate local approaches into global solutions

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Study programs

Israeli academic institutions offer a wide variety of study programs – degrees, short-terms, internships, research fellowships – in a range of fields. Find the program that’s best for you:

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