Israeli higher education institutions are harnessing their entrepreneurial spirit and culture of innovation to build a better future for all.

Mahyan Gon, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Agriculture and the environment

The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has been making strides towards smart agriculture since 1942. We talk to its dean Benny Chefetz about everything it has to offer

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A new school for new challenges

Wide-scale observation, inter-field collaboration and outside-the-box thinking: these are the skills we’ll need to mitigate the effects of climate change and translate local approaches into global solutions

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ISS in earth orbit, closer view

Taking Israeli research to space

Ilan-ES has one goal: understanding the relationship between thunderstorms and upper-atmospheric lightning. This requires help from one Israeli astronaut, a group of students and a global network of citizen scientists. Prof Yoav Yair, dean of Reichman University’s School of Sustainability, tells us more…

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Arielle Evan

University students taking the lead

The student-led GreenBiz entrepreneurial club at Reichman University helps members establish sustainable projects, from planning through to execution — all while providing them with business and managerial tools that will serve them well in the future…

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Solar Panels

Turning to the sun

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has been making strides in solar energy research for years. Now, it’s taking its commitment to the field one step further with a brand-new master’s degree in environmental physics and solar energy…

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Full Length Portrait Of Girl Using Water Pump On Land

A holistic approach to sustainable development

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev’s new MA program in African Sustainable Communities welcomed its first cohort in 2021. Lynn Schler, a historian of Africa and head of the program, talks about the degree’s vision and its innovative approach…

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Bar-Ilan University

A spotlight on environmental regulation

Bar-Ilan University’s master’s program in regulation and environmental policy equips students with tools to take a seat at the decision-making table. We take a look at the course – as well as the university’s commitment to the field…

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Improving urban life

Bar-Ilan University’s Center for Smart Cities is an ecosystem where researchers, entrepreneurs, municipalities and citizens work to better understand cities’ needs, finding innovative digital solutions to meet them…

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Promoting renewable energy

Hagit Aviv, executive manager of Bar-Ilan University’s new Center for Energy and Sustainability, talks about the work of the hub, which brings together researchers, entrepreneurs and industry professionals to translate research into real-world products

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The future of agriculture

How can we fight malnutrition and other food and agriculture issues without damaging the planet? Researchers at the Hebrew University might have the answer…

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Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Providing food security in a changing climate

The OptiWheat project aims to promote the advantages of climate-resilient wheat crops and modern agricultural techniques to smallholder farmers in the global south…

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Herschel Gutman

Striking a balance

The double-major BA degree in sustainability and government at Reichman University’s
Raphael Recanati International School combines policy with environmental issues…

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Cleaning up drinking water

Researchers at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology have developed a way to remove toxic pollutants from water. We speak with assistant professor Adi Radian about the findings…

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Cooking up a storm

From creating a vegan oat milk cheese to producing nutritious snacks for the elderly, students from the Technion’s Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering are setting a new standard for the food industry…

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Environmental cooperation

Master’s student Laura de Wit is pursuing an English-language degree in environmental studies at Tel Aviv University. She talks about her experience and her thesis on environmental cooperation under the Abraham Accords

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Yonit Schiller

Feeding a growing world population

Tel Aviv University’s MSc in plant sciences with emphasis in food security merges the two disciplines, giving students the tools needed to feed the world’s population in the face of present and future challenges…

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Very old anchors in a shipwreck.

Studying the past to prepare for the future

Marine geoarchaeologist Dr Beverly Goodman-Tchernov blends archaeology, geology and anthropology to explore the past, present and future of coastlines around the world

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Tel Aviv University

Harnessing Israeli technology for good

Israeli technology is helping make strides in creating sustainable food systems, taking into account the environmental considerations along the entire food chain…

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Girl receiving COVID-19 shot and looking at her arm.

Finding the perfect match

The University of Haifa’s master’s degree in public health provides students with the tools to understand the multifaceted nature of public health. International Fulbright fellow Emma Finn shares her experience

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Sustainability taking center stage

Prof Ofer Arazy, the University of Haifa’s director of innovation and sustainability, talks about the central role positive-impact initiatives play at the institution, on campus and beyond its walls

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Turning silkworms into biomedical solutions

At her lab in the Weizmann Institute of Science’s Materials and Interfaces Department, Dr Ulyana Shimanovich studies the self-assembling behavior of proteins in living systems. The implications of her research are far-reaching, as she explains…

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The creativity advantage

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem and Shenkar College are two examples of higher education institutions leveraging their creative culture to have a positive impact…

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Providing tomorrow’s answers today

Dr Nir Tzabar, of Ariel University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, is one of many innovators working on sustainable energy solutions at the Ariel Energy Research Center

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Ariel University

Ancient terraces reveal their secrets

At Ariel University, Prof Oren Ackermann studies ancient agricultural terrace systems. His aim is to learn lessons from the past to achieve water efficiency for today and tomorro

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A chemistry powerhouse

Dr Mindy Levine, associate professor at Ariel University’s Department of Chemical Sciences and recent olah to Israel, discusses her real-world approach to today’s challenges, be it tackling national security, biomedical or environmental matters like water purification or addressing the shortage of women in STEM-related fields

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Working together for a better tomorrow

Israeli universities and colleges are busy harnessing their knowledge and culture of innovation to help ensure a more sustainable future for all…

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A look at our oceans

At the Weizmann Institute of Science’s Plant and Environmental Sciences Department, Prof Assaf Vardi and his team study the global impacts of microbial interactions in the ocean. Here are two of his recent research projects…

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Human-made materials outweigh living things

A Weizmann Institute of Science study has revealed the mass of human-made objects has surpassed that of life on Earth. The scientists behind the findings hope they’ll serve as a wake-up call…

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