Israel’s universities proved to be the perfect fit for these students and researchers to further their career dreams.

Reaching for the stars

Searching for Earth-like planets might be the stuff of childhood dreams for most of us, but it’s the day-to-day reality for one of Ariel University’s post-doctorate fellows…

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Dr Sarah Abu-Kaf

Brought up in the small Bedouin town of Umm Batin and recognized as one Israel’s most influential women, Dr Abu-Kaf’s story is just one example of the empowerment of underrepresented communities and sectors at BGU…

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The perfect fit

The University of Haifa has proved to be the ideal environment for three alumni to further their career dreams in a variety of different research areas…

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Dr Lorenz Adlung

Dr Adlung joined Weizmann Institute to study the immune system. He’s just one of many students, researchers, alumni and staff who thrived in Israel…

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Turning challenges into opportunities

Alon Maltzov, a former student, always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. His numerous successes are an example of the collaborative atmosphere awaiting students at IDC Herzliya…

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AI meets Covid-19 research

How to interpret the vast quantities of medical data available today is something Joachim Behar, a French PhD biomedical engineer at Technion, is trying to answer…

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Taking on a global threat

Weizmann Institute alumni joined the race to develop potential cures, drugs and vaccines to slow the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic…

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The spirit of innovation

Discover some of the creative start-ups coming out of Bar-Ilan University’s impact creation platform, and meet some of the graduates making their mark…

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Lab-grown solutions

Over the past two decades, Professor Levenberg has been blazing a trail with research into tissue engineering and stem cells, from facial recognition to cell-grown meat…

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Shining a light

Research initiatives have the power to impact the lives of people around the world. For Ben-
Gurion University researchers, this has become a reality…

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BGU Talks 2019 with Dr Sarah Abu Kaf

BGU’s 49th Board of Governors Meeting – BGU Talks 2019 with Dr Sarah Abu-Kaf…

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Ariel University Aerospace and Nano-Satellite Research Centre

At the Ariel University Aerospace and Nano-Satellite Research Centre, a multidisciplinary team of scientists and researchers in physics, robotics, mathematics, computers and engineering is working in cooperation with Israel Aerospace Industries. They’re putting their heads together to create and develop groundbreaking nano- and pico-satellite technologies…

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University of Haifa International Graduate Programs

Gerardo, from Mexico, speaks about the International MA program in Maritime Civilizations at the University of Haifa Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences…

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Scientists of tomorrow: students sum up the Weizmann Institute of Science in three words

Join a scientific research community that’ll provide you with the knowledge and unique experience to prepare you in becoming one of the scientific leaders of tomorrow — be it in industry or academia. The Weizmann Institute of Science awaits…

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